Spaceport Associates

Commercial Space Exploration and Space Transportation

Welcome to Spaceport Associates!

We are a think tank developing policy initiatives related to commercial space, and also provide an educational resource to those interested in space tourism, commercial space exploration and eventual space settlement. We are proposing joint government/commercial activities to make possible a "Gateway Earth" outpost at the edge of Earth's gravity well. Space tourists would have a hotel there, with vistas of the whole Earth, and a regular taxi service from low Earth orbit using refuelable tugs. The space tourism revenues would help pay for the building and operation of the complex, which would provide a new start and end point for governmental interplanetary missions.

Derek Webber receiving Space Tourism Recognition Award

Derek Webber, Founder of Spaceport Associates, receives space tourism recognition award at ISDC 2006, with Burt Rutan and Robert Bigelow

The following papers and essays, and the Mini-Tutorial, provide some insight into the relevant issues.

Do you believe potential space tourists would pay more to go to GEO instead of LEO?