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Spaceport Associates provides an educational resource to those interested in the business of space tourism, while contributing to problem-solving in the market and regulatory areas - such as exploring the potential business case for Point-to-Point sub-orbital transportation services, assisting in the formulation of space tourism training needs, and providing the policy rationale for the support of a space tourism industry. We are also proposing joint government/commercial activities to make possible a "Gateway Earth" outpost at the edge of Earth's gravity well. Space tourists would have a hotel there, with vistas of the whole Earth, and a regular taxi service from low Earth orbit using refuelable tugs. The space tourism revenues would help pay for the building and operation of the complex, which would provide a new start and end point for governmental interplanetary missions.

Buzz Aldrin with cover art for book

Buzz Aldrin with the cover art for the new Apogee book The Wright Stuff - the Century of Effort Behind Your Ticket to Space by Derek Webber, the Washington DC Director of Spaceport Associates. The book provides a history of the parallel developments of aviation and rocketry that have led to the creation of a space tourism business.

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We want to help you with your commercial space transportation and exploration policy, markets and regulation information needs. You may like to start by taking the space tourism Mini-Tutorial on this page, and then for more depth peruse the useful papers at the bottom of this home page - yours to download for free. If you still have specific information needs on markets, regulation or policy, just let us know - we stand by ready to help. Enjoy your stay!

Derek Webber receiving Space Tourism Recognition Award

Executive Director Derek Webber receives space tourism recognition award at ISDC 2006, with Burt Rutan and Robert Bigelow